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Romco On Course To Be The Biggest Reducers Of All, New ESG Report Shows

Romco’s 2020 Environmental, Social, and Governance Report has been released and they’ve got very little to be proud of.

Who says a company should only focus on becoming bigger? Romco are flipping the script by evaluating their growth and success by how much they’ve shrunk… Environmentally speaking. Romco have released their 2020 ESG Report showing exactly how much they expect to reduce as a company, including waste, pollution, landfill, bauxite, and co2 emissions.

As a non-ferrous metals recycler, all these harmful outputs are significantly reduced when compared to if those materials were mined from raw materials. Perfectly encapsulating what Romco states their purpose is — ‘to reduce global dependence on raw materials mining by recycling our way to a sustainable future.’

An ambitious goal, but a vital one in ensuring a cleaner, more liveable world into the future.

According the 2020 ESG Report, 88% less co2 emissions and 86% less power usage will be produced from The Romco Group by the end of 2020/2021 financial year, and they have already reduced the equivalent co2 emissions as the entire Falkland Islands for 1 year. That’s the same co2 emissions as flying a full boeing 747 around the world 920 times.

The full 2020 ESG report can be viewed online here.