Non-Ferrous MetalS

Non-Ferrous Metals — A NOW PROBLEM

With the expectation of radioactive and toxic metals, all metals (ferrous or non-ferrous) can be recycled.

As demand for commodities continues to rise, the strain put on the Earth’s natural resources is becoming increasingly critical. We’ve analysed the data; If projected demand upholds, known reserves of bauxite could potentially run out in our lifetime. That’s not a problem for future generations if we want to meet demand – that’s a now problem. we have to shift reliance from mining onto secondary sources and build sustainable infrastructure now to accommodate future demand.



Non-ferrous metal recycling services are in operation all around the globe, on various different scales for many types of metals. Scrap metals are collected, sorted, treated, smelted, recast, and sold to be reused – in a completely circular loop, that for most metals (such as aluminium or copper), doesn’t result in any deterioration of quality.

As a whole, producing 1 ton of recycled aluminium reduces carbon emissions by 95% and the process requires 95% less energy compared to virgin mining. These reductions are significant, even more so when scaled up to the tonnage produced globally. Furthermore, recycling non-ferrous metal will have a substantial impact on the volume of metal waste sat in landfills – in recycling aluminium alone, 7.2 cubic metres of landfill is removed on average to produce 1 ton of aluminium. That adds up quick.


Why Choose Romco Metals

Increasing recycled non-ferrous metals supply to the point of ‘full global recyclable capacity’ is imperative in reducing (and eliminating) the reliance on raw materials mining for our means. We’re working collaboratively with investors, traders, and manufacturers across continents to collectively reduce global dependence on mining raw materials through recycling and smart waste management.

Romco offers a British solution in an emerging market to a global problem. Not only that, but we work with local businesses to help them become independent and local communities to help them thrive.

Romco offers competitive pricing and advanced logistical efficiencies through a global network of traders. All shipments are 100% tracked ensuring to-the-minute trail and trade accuracy.

Reliable NON-FERROUS Metals Recycling Company

We’re transparent about our operations, processes and goals. We tell you so you know exactly what you’re getting and the benefits of using Romco as your suppliers of secondary aluminium and copper ingots. If you’re interested in partnering with us, get in touch:

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