Introducing the latest certified ultra low-carbon aluminium; PureCycle™. 

PureCycle™ ingots guarantee 100% post-consumer scrap content.

This means 100% sustainable sourcing for the product, with no primary extraction in its production.

What does this really mean?

  • An ultra-low carbon footprint 
  • Emissions up to 95% less than the average primary aluminium ingot, (0.68 t/co2* per ton compared to 15 t/co2)
  • Saving up to 7.62m³ of waste per metric tonne from ending up in landfill.

Closing the loop on out-of-contol aluminium emissions.

Our guarantee of 100% recycled content means the aluminium feedstock has reached its end-of-life and we’ve brought it back into the loop for repurposing. 

Our production process is fully traceable and our product is certified by an independent third-party.


The process of turning 100% post-consumer scrap into useable ingots can be broken down into 4 steps:

STEP 1PureCycle™ Sourcing: This is what separates PureCycle from any ordinary recycled alloy. 100% of the scrap and feedstock used in the production processed is sourced from post-consumer scrap. This means the materials are certified to have reached their end of life and thus closing the loop in the circular economy.

STEP 2Smelting: The 100% post-consumer scrap is smelted through an ultra-low carbon process in specialist furnaces dedicated to secondary aluminium production. Romco uses CNG for heating the furnaces — the lowest carbon emitting fossil fuel.

STEP 3Quality Control: The chemical analysis laboratory at our facility is equipped with the latest generation high accuracy Spectrometer, and our in-house engineers and quality inspectors use it to ensure the chemical composition of our produced alloys is 100% accurate.

STEP 4PureCycle™ Casting: The liquid materials are then cast into customised moulds for cooling into usable ingots, then made ready for shipping onto manufacturers all over the world including; automotive, aeronautical, construction, medical, food & beverage, and fittings production.


PureCycle could potentially save more than 140,000t/co2 from the atmosphere each year.

PureCycle™ production emits ~0.68 T/co2 per metric tonne* of aluminium, saving up to 15 Metric tonnes of carbon emissions compared to avg primary.

The equivalent emissions of:

  • 17,689 UK homes powered
  • 325,127 Barrels of oil burned
  • 17,082,398,462 Smartphones charged
  • 2,322,039 Trees grown for 10 years
  • 775 Full railcars worth of coal burned
*Emissions have been calculated internally without any third-party verification, and therefore may be subject to change. Romco is currently in the process of externally validating all emissions metrics.


State-of-the-art multiple furnace facilities, including tilting-type hydraulically operated rotary furnace, with comprehensive quality assurance program and third-party verification of specifications, resulting in ultra low-carbon premium-grade secondary aluminium ingots.

Current PureCycle™ Aluminium Alloy Range:

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