We Recycle Old Copper For A New Future

As the 3rd most mined metal in the world, Copper is a highly in-demand metal, primarily for its ability to conduct heat and electricity. It’s one of the most important materials for the green transition of our economy, and demand is also expected to double by 2050.

Copper’s properties allow it to be endlessly recycled without any losses to quality. Increasing secondary production is an important step in creating a sustainable future for everyone.

Copper also accounts for approximately 0.2% of the world’s GHG emissions. That’s why we are working on increasing secondary production — reducing emissions, landfill, and reliance on raw materials mining.


Copper Recycling

Romco produces ultra-low carbon copper ingots by smelting scrap copper into usable shapes (i.e. ingots).

Scraps are collected, sorted by grade, processed, and then smelted into ingots which are then sold onto our partners.

To produce our ultra-low carbon copper, we collect a wide variety of scrap, such as:

  • Dry Bright Copper
  • Greasy Bright Copper
  • No 1 Burnt Copper Wire
  • No 2 Burnt Copper Wire
  • Heavy Copper
  • New Copper Tube
  • Braziery Copper
  • Copper Turnings
  • Copper Radiators
  • Compo Rads
  • Electric Motors

Copper Recycling PROCESS

There are many steps to recycling copper, and it’s completely dependent on the type of scrap. The cleaner and less contaminated the initial scrap, the fewer processes it has to go through.

Sorting, treating, and separating the scrap copper into pure copper can be intensive.

Processes to separate copper from ferrous metals, plastics, and other impurities include:


Magnetic Separation: This removes ferrous metals

Copper Wire Crushing: Wires are passed through a granulator are stripped from any plastic coatings and remaining copper is deposited as shavings

Gravity Separation: Any remaining plastic is removed via passing along a vibrating conveyor, ensuring a higher purity of copper shavings


Refined scrap is then melted in our specialist copper induction furnaces to produce high quality grade copper for OEMs globally.

Copper Ingots are then shipped globally for a range of uses:

  • Automotive
  • Aeronautical
  • Medical
  • Wiring
  • General Electrical
  • Tubing Manufactuting
  • Fittings
  • Battery Components
  • Radiators
  • Compo Rads
  • Electric Motors


Romco offers a British solution in an emerging market to a global problem. Not only that, but we work with local businesses to help them become independent and local communities to help them thrive. We don’t shy away from our corporate responsibilities and we’re continually working to ensure we work to the highest possible standards in everything we do.

Romco offers competitive pricing and advanced logistical efficiencies through a global network of traders. All shipments are 100% tracked ensuring to-the-minute trail and trade accuracy.

Recycle With Us Today!

By offering low-carbon solutions to copper production, we are investing in reducing the environmental effects of copper mining, GHG emissions, and the volume of usable materials sitting in landfill. We’re working to stay ahead of the metal recycling curve by expanding our sustainable production.

To learn more about our copper recycling goals and how we do it, visit our ‘Operations’ page or get in touch with us today:

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