Our investment strategy is best interpreted through our tagline: ‘Invest. Reduce. Grow.’

We want to dominate the renewable metals market by investing in equipment, plants, people & the environment, in a structured and bold way to produce more recycled materials for the growing metals market; thereby reducing the demand for virgin mining, and growing a profitable sustainable business in the renewables sector helping create a more liveable, beautiful planet.

We invest to reduce and grow.


Our particular strategic focus is on the emerging markets in developing nations because of the excess of feedstock, huge amounts of discarded waste as a result of irresponsible practices, and immediate positive impact we can make.

We also take advantage of our natural strengths and ties in West Africa, alongside our UK-based governance and networks, to leverage a strong and profitable business model which is scalable, sustainable, and set for large structured industrial expansion


The Romco world is large, but our focus is small.

Investing in communities means investing in people – above average wages, technical skills training, healthcare, internships, and most importantly safe practices. We want everyone to see a better future.

As we invest in the growth of our people, so too will their communities grow— all in line with our ethical, responsible, and structured approach.

More detailed information about our community approach can be found in our ESG Report.


We invest to reduce the harmful effects of mining, but that’s only possible if we grow.

The metal recycling market continues to grow alongside the industry’s increasing awareness of efficient utilisation of natural resources. The rapid industrialisation, growth in infrastructural activities, and urbanisation in developing countries is enabling the growth and demand for metal products.

Our picture is no different.

Our investment in new equipment, plants, people, and trade links is yielding strong growth that is allowing us to expand our production and diversification capabilities.


We are growing, and so is our product range.

Until 2020, The Romco Group only recycled aluminium… Not now.

Expansions have seen Copper incorporated into our production line and we are already seeing that diversification investment achieve strong profits.

Other base metals such as lead, zinc, steel, and rare earth metals are in the plans to increase profitability and protect the business model against shifting metals prices.

Diversification is a key element to achieving our wholistic vision of recycling our way to a sustainable future.


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We’ve decided to become big reducers.

We are living with the disastrous effects of irresponsible management of the finite resources of our planet. The effects are getting worse.

Raw materials mining and poor resource practice is responsible for the destruction of our eco-systems, air quality, land, water, ocean cleanliness, habitats, fauna, temperatures, forests, and lives — our home. 

We are liable, and charged with the responsibility to change that.

Increasing recycled materials supply to the point of ‘full global recyclable capacity’ is imperative in reducing (and eliminating) the reliance on raw materials mining for our means.

Meeting this one goal alone would dramatically reduce landfill, carbon emissions, power usage, toxins, plastic reliance, air pollution, environmental destruction, and effects of climate change.

To grow, we must become reducers. 

Romco work towards this goal with investors, traders, and manufacturers across continents, collectively reducing global dependance on raw materials mining by way of recycling and smart waste management. There’s so much more to do, but we’re on our way.


Compared to primary production, we’ve reduced enough CO2 emissions to drive 178,152,857 miles in a standard car, and saved enough power to stop 976 railcars full of coal from being burned.

At the time of writing, April 2022, we have recycled 38,256 metric tonnes (mt) of aluminium. In comparison to primary production (which relies on virgin-ore mining) that represents reductions of:

  • 71,772 mt/CO2 emissions
  • 249,424 mWh’s of Power
  • 152,860 m³ of Landfill
  • 128,509 mt of Bauxite


The waste and emissions problem isn’t getting any better, it’s verifiably getting worse. We also believe we have everything we need to fix it if we work together. 

Our plans to reduce environmental impacts by growing our portfolio and capacity are large. We plan to recycle zinc, lead, steel, rare earth metals, and more. We also have ambitions to move beyond the metals market. We recognise plastic waste and the burden it has on our oceans and wildlife as a significant frontier to conquer.

As we aim to become a global leader in the reduction of the reliance on mining, it is imperative we continue to expand our work, partnerships, alliances and lobbying for structural change.


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The Romco story has been a story of growth from day one.

Starting with just one small baler five years ago, Romco now operate from three countries, over two continents, with two factories, shipping to over seventeen countries with a production capacity of 3000 metric tonnes of recycled non-ferrous metals per month.

But there’s more to do.

Recycling our way to a sustainable future requires not just smart investment and radical reduction, but bold and persistent growth. We are determined to be a force in the renewable metals market and make serious contributions to the reduction of landfill and contraction of raw materials mining.


Some of our recent achievements:

  • 5 new furnaces increasing production capacity over 1500%
  • New factory opened in Ghana
  • Capacity increased from 600mt a quarter to over 9000mt a quarter
  • Copper added to our line
  • £5 million in direct capital issued for Small Business Buying Program
  • Access to Chinese market
  • Phase two raise for CapEx planning commenced


Growth is in our DNA, we don’t expect to stop soon.

We are expanding into new countries, with facilities and operations earmarked for expansion throughout West Africa.  

Some of our eco-expansion plans include carbon capture bricks for local communities, river plastic capture, solar and bio-diesel energy conservation installations, and ‘ending single-use-plastic’ initiatives.


Romco Group’s growth relies on strong governance, corporate stability, transparency, and structure. 

We are taking advantage of our emerging market access, substantial feedstock, and increased demand for recycled materials to further expand our operations and profitability.

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