Sustainable Aluminium Recycling

Aluminium is a highly recyclable material. At least 75% of all aluminium ever made is still in use today because of it’s efficient recycling potential.

Aluminium is used in a wide range of industries for a multitude of different purposes as it’s lightweight, strong, corrosive resistant, non-ferrous and incredibly versatile.

At a manufacturing and fabrication level, almost 100% of aluminium scrap is recycled. However, post-consumer (old) aluminium scrap is recycled at the lower rate of 75% – this is not consistent in every country, for example, only 13% of recyclable materials in Nigeria are diverted from landfills. We are working to improve this figure.


Since aluminium doesn’t lose its atomic structure when put under intense heat, it can enter a limitless use – recycle – repurpose cycle and the quality of the aluminium product remains constant, irrespective of cycle number.

For example, the quality of secondary aluminium can be exactly that of primary aluminium, under strict production parameters. Given aluminium’s recyclable qualities, it doesn’t make sense to leave scraps in landfill. Repurposing existing aluminium is significantly more environmentally friendly, using 95% less carbon than primary production.

Recycling can occur at an industrial level (off-cuts, during smelting, replacement of machinery) or a household level (cans, food packaging), meaning both businesses and individuals are responsible for ensuring waste is sent to recycling centres.



Scraps are sorted and then processed. This involves de-greasing and de-coating the material surface to remove contaminants from entering the smelting process


Materials are melted and combined with other elements in order to produce alloys of specific grades. Our alloys are made to order, ensuring purposeful production, to maintain energy efficiency and to reduce waste. Romco produces UBC, LM 24, ADC 12, and DIN 226.


Liquid aluminium alloys are then cast into usable ingots and solidified into bars


Each ingot in packaged to order, shipped and repurposed into its secondary use


Increasing recycled materials supply to the point of ‘full global recyclable capacity’ is imperative in reducing (and eliminating) the reliance on raw materials mining for our means. We’re working collaboratively with investors, traders, and manufacturers across continents to collectively reduce global dependence on mining raw materials through recycling and smart waste management.

Romco offers a British solution in an emerging market to a global problem. Not only that, but we take corporate responsibility seriously. In summary, we work with local businesses to help them become independent and local communities to help them thrive. Find out more on our ‘Who We Are’ page.

Romco offers competitive pricing and advanced logistical efficiencies through a global network of traders. All shipments are 100% tracked ensuring to-the-minute trail and trade accuracy.


We’re reducers in landfill, carbon emissions, power usage, toxins, plastic reliance, air pollution, environmental destruction, and effects of climate change.

To ensure we continue to improve our processes and operations, we’ll continue to grow our work, partnerships, alliances, and lobbying for structural change.

Romco produces secondary aluminium to order.  For more information email us or give us a call:

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