Our Sustainability

Sustainability is why we got into the recycling business.

We see recycling as the most important tool for solving the world’s biggest problem; A polluted, warming Earth with rapidly decreasing fauna, flora, and natural resources.

One of the most effective things we can do to reduce the impact we have had on our fragile ecosystems is to recycle more materials rather than produce new ones. To do this, we must develop recycling infrastructure in places where it doesn't exist.

Romco is committed to building Africa into a powerhouse of sustainability. Not only do we do that by reducing our environmental impact, but also by being socially responsible and by working with world-class governance standards.

Romco CEO & Founder on Sustainability and ESG:

“Irresponsible attitudes and practices have no place in the future’s sustainable market. The “dinosaurs” need to adapt. Global climate commitments, pacts, governmental policies, and sustainable goals are forcing corporations to become more “eco” or face increased taxes, levies, and/or fines. Investors are favouring ESG-aligned companies. Consumers are more aware of what they’re buying. Natural spaces and resources are being cleared at a never-before-seen rate to meet an ever-increasing demand. More carbon dioxide is being pumped into the atmosphere as record-high temperatures are being witnessed around the globe. Scrutiny is being placed on the origins of our resources as dependency on authoritarian governments is creating havoc on our utilities and commodities markets.

These are big problems being created by our way of life. If little changes it will get worse.

At Romco, we’re working to slow the depletion of the Earth’s remaining bauxite and mineral resources by expanding our metal recycling capacity. We are reducing carbon emissions for resources needed for the green transition by as much as 95%. Our work reduces reliance on the Earth’s resources by recycling what we already have and clearing significant areas of landfill while doing so. We replace a dirty production process with a far cleaner one, and we utilise natural supply links, which protects us against high supply chain volatility.”


Ahead of our signing the UN Global Compact in April 2021, we published our first ESG report in 2020. This report has served to be the starting benchmark for all of our sustainability progress, from which we can track our progress towards achieving and exceeding our ESG goals.

Click here to view our Sustainability Report 2022 highlights.


At heart, we’re big reducers.

Mining raw material and poor resource practices are responsible for the destruction of our eco-systems, air quality, land, water, ocean cleanliness, faunca, forests, lives, and warming the atmosphere and the Earth. Reducing the volume of materials we mine is key to preserving and rebuilding the environment for ourselves and future generations.

To reduce, we must increase. If we increase recycling to the point of ‘full global capacity’ then the need to mine virgin materials drastically decreases. A circular economy is sufficient to meet demands, we just need to build the infrastructure that’ll allow us to reach it.

Romco exists to achieve this goal; we work with investors, traders, and manufacturers across continents to collectively reduce dependence on virgin mining and develop smart waste management and recycling.


Turning the tide away from virgin mining requires a collective effort... From global corporations, to national businesses, to local council policies, and all the way to individual households.

Households can support the recycling effort by sorting their own rubbish into the relevant disposable categories. Businesses can do the same. Businesses also have the responsibility to build and foster their local communities. One example of how Romco is giving back to the community is with our “‘Pursuit Program”, where we support employees to undertake workplace and technical training. It’s about equipping our teams to develop their next career step, even if it’s not with us.

UN Global Compact

In April 2021, we signed the UN Global Compact, cementing our commitment to becoming truly sustainable.

In Oct 2022, we published our latest Communication on Progress. By being transparent in our operations, we open ourselves up to external evaluation and opinion, thus creating an environment whereby we’re held accountable for what we do, not just by ourselves but by others too.

Romco strives towards creating a more sustainable future and to hold ourselves to that commitment. We feel reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals and the 10 principles helps us on our mission of solving the climate crisis: Romco aims to clean up the global metals market and achieve full global recyclable capacity.

Alongside reporting on the 10 principles of the UN Global Compact, we report on 13 of the 17 goals outlined in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals framework.

Of these, Romco’s highest priorities lie within:

8. Decent Work and Economic Growth
9. Industry Innovation and Infrastructure
11. Sustainable Cities and Communities
12. Responsible Consumption and Production
13. Climate Action
15. Life On Land


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