Sell Your Copper Scrap

Sell Your Copper Scrap
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Sell Your Scrap Metal

The best way to get a good deal when selling your copper scrap is to sell to a scrapyard. We recommend that you do thorough research to find the scrapyards offering the best deals. It is your duty as the seller to discover the yard with the best price, and recent technological advancements have made that easy.

Before dumping your load at the scrapyard, the materials should be separated into different categories. If you fail to do this, there is a high chance that the scrapyard will undervalue the metals because when your copper scrap is contaminated with other low-grade metals, the value will drop significantly.

Steps to Take While Selling Your Scrap Copper


As mentioned earlier, the copper scrap is meant to be graded. The first grade is untainted, whereas the other grades have some traits of impurities. Getting more of grade one copper scrap keeps you on the profitable side because most scrapyards pay more for it.

Recycle as Much as You Can

Check for impurities that are easily removable and get rid of them. These could be brass connectors or end fittings. Eliminating these materials will help to increase the value of the copper. For copper wires, you can use a knife to peel off the insulator; however, do not try to forcefully remove them if they fail to come out easily, and use protective equipment while doing this.

Check the Price Range

Contact scrapyards or recycling centres within your area and enquire about current prices. Copper prices fluctuate often, so getting a good deal will depend on demand and location. Also, if your copper wire is insulated, find out if the scrapyard will offer a good price for it.

Selling the Copper Scrap

When you have completed the first three steps, your scrap metal will be ready for sale. Take it to the recycling centre to be weighed. Be sure that none of the materials are hanging out of the scale. The manager will do the calculation and make payments based on the weight.

Categories of Copper Scraps

Generally, two major categories of copper could be sold as scrap metal, and we will be looking at them in the subsequent sections.

Scrap Copper Solids

This is the first grade of copper scrap, and consists of pure, unalloyed copper. Solid copper scraps are the most sought after in the industry. There are three grades in this category:

  • Grade One: This grade comprises punchings, commutator segments, busbars, copper clippings, and wire that is more than 1/16 inch thick.
  • Grade Two: The materials in this grade have at least 96% copper composition and are devoid of soldered or tinned scrap copper.
  • Grade Three: Also referred to as light copper solids. These are copper scraps that are less than 1/16 inch thick, and their value is less than those of grades one and two.
Scrap Copper Non-Solids

This category comprises copper dust, turnings and chips. There is no specific price range, but you should note that most scrapyards won’t be willing to pay much for this. However, there is a better way to make them valuable before the sale. Melting and moulding them into copper nuggets will generate more cash for you. Propane is best recommended for melting them, but if another method works for you, go with it!

Mistakes to Avoid While Selling Your Scrap Copper
Being Negligent About Grading

Most scrapyards will discourage you from grading your scrap or stripping any insulation before bringing it in. This is because they will have to pay less if the copper wire isn’t stripped. If you want to make enough profit, we advise that you take the extra time to sort the scrap. This could give you triple the price of unsorted scrap copper.

Selling to a Scrapyard with a Bad Reputation

You need to do some research to eliminate the scrapyards that might take advantage of you. Reviews and recommendations are the best tools to use. Go for the transparent scrapyards (the ones who give you a straightforward answer to any questions you ask).


Selling your copper scrap could be a bit of a difficult task, but the guide above will help streamline the stress you have to go through. Implement these easy steps, and you will be on your way to making a good profit.