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Video: Ghana Update With Head Of Operations, Luke Anyasi

Our new site in Ghana (second in the portfolio) is just about ready to start producing recycled materials for the first time. Our skilled Head Of Operations, Luke Anyasi, gives us a tour of what it will look like once completed — along with an explanation of our recycling process.

You can watch the video here:

The new facility will produce around 800 tons of secondary materials a month.

Raymond Onovwigun, Romco CEO, talked about the progress on his Linkedin Profile; “This factory is our stepping stone to greater reach throughout Africa and beyond; the most important diversification for us to date. It will prove our model is replicable, scalable, and we can produce more recycled materials throughout developing nations.”

On the wider value the development represents, Raymond continued, “Reaching full recycling capacity of the materials we use is one of the most important objectives we can achieve in the 21st century. Mining our earth must become secondary to recycling, and should only be used when the demand outstrips supply. I believe that system is only possible if we grow recycling capacity significantly in the emerging markets — and that’s exactly what we’re doing here today.”

It’s an exciting development at Romco, full of promise, and we look forward to reporting the progress throughout Q1, 2021.