Romco Expands Sustainable Commodity Production with Premium Secondary Copper Ingots

Romco Expands Sustainable Commodity Production with Premium Secondary Copper Ingots

Romco Group Ltd, a leader in sustainable commodity production in Africa, announces the expansion of its product range to include premium copper ingots.

For years, Romco has converted waste metal into high-quality aluminium ingots, contributing to the circular economy and addressing climate change. Adhering to the principles of Invest, Reduce, and Grow, this new development marks the next stage in Romco’s mission to transform the production of metal to help solve the climate crisis.

Our dedication to unlocking non-ferrous metal recycling potential in emerging markets has led us to explore opportunities in copper. Previously, Romco focused on aluminium ingots. Now, utilizing a state-of-the-art copper induction furnace at our Lagos, Nigeria facility, we have successfully smelted copper into ingots with approximately 99% purity.

One of the driving factors behind copper recycling is the considerable environmental benefits compared to primary production. Recycling copper requires up to 85% less energy than extracting it from raw materials, substantially reducing carbon emissions. By producing recycled copper, we can help decrease the demand for raw materials mining, further mitigating environmental degradation and habitat destruction. Additionally, recycling copper minimizes landfill waste, preserving valuable land resources for future generations. These environmental benefits align with Romco’s core mission of transforming metal production for the betterment of our planet.

Our decision to produce copper ingots is informed by our understanding of Africa’s potential as a truly circular economy. We are not only investing in a sustainable future but also actively working to minimize waste and inefficiencies and to grow our responsiveness to a global problem.

Romco Group CEO, Raymond Onovwigun, commented on the product diversification: “We are grateful for the support and confidence our team members, partners, and investors have shown in our vision. As we note this milestone, we maintain our focus on supplying high-quality materials without causing environmental harm. We are confident that our copper ingots will contribute to the growth of the recycling industry, including our partners and the wider communities we work in.”

IMAGE: Post-consumer copper scrap before processing into usable ingots.

Following extensive testing in 2022, Romco shipped the first copper ingots to Central Asia in Q1 this year, with production set to scale throughout 2023. This accomplishment demonstrates Romco’s ability to adapt and meet the increasing demand for recycled materials in the global market.

Raymond Onovwigun added, “We believe that a sustainable future is achievable through investment in renewable resources and replacing wasteful, polluting practices. Our copper ingots are a tangible representation of this belief, and we are proud to introduce this premium product for the global market.”