Romco COVID-19 Announcement

Romco COVID-19 Announcement

A statement from Romco Group CEO, Raymond Onovwigun:

“The current disruption pales in insignificance against the need for our families and communities to be safe. The wellness of our communities is top priority. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused disruption to movement, jobs, and markets. Naturally, this can be alarming. To put minds at ease I’d like to make the ROMCO Group position clear.

The Company

We are well-positioned as an organisation to respond to the threats COVID-19 presents. We remain committed to our staff, our mission, and the communities we work in. On a personal note, it has made me proud as a CEO to testify our resolve as a team seems to have only strengthened.

It is vitally important our staff and their families are looked after at this time. Second only to their health, our teams need security. Our commitment as an organisation will see us maintain full employment levels throughout the crisis.

Additionally, market changes have not hampered our production levels. As we are a producer of recycled non-ferrous metals, the demand for our products, including for food & beverage packaging, has not waivered and there is currently no concern that it will. Aluminium is still important and is required in this pandemic as oxygen cylinders that are used to supply oxygen in ICU ventilators are all components of aluminium.

The ROMCO Group is in a good financial position to look after our teams, maintain our investment goals, and respond to sudden shifts in global trade.

Supporting you

Nothing has changed. As always, our customer support agents are available to help. Our traders and investors can still call us within office hours, and we are always reachable via email at As we adapt to the changes, I want to assure you that we will continue to communicate everything as clearly as possible to you.

Team Changes

To keep people safe, the ROMCO Group now has staff & board meetings via virtual video conference. All client visits by ROMCO staff members have been suspended until further notice.

Working Remotely

In accordance with the NHS guidance for social distancing, we have advised all ROMCO employees to work remotely and maintain self-isolation. We have moved all in-person meetings to conference calls and have postponed non-essential company travel plans for this period. Our management team conducts daily check-ins and status calls with our employees to sustain the well-being of our staff and company during this unsettling period.

There are specific risks which investors should be aware of when investing in certain asset classes. The following sections deal with some of the risks which apply when investing in bonds.

Client Outreach

Our Sales and Marketing team continues to coordinate with new and potential clients by holding telephone calls in lieu of in-person meetings. You can contact us to set up a meeting. Despite these restrictions, our ability to assist has not been hampered.

Material Processors & Re-Manufacturers

Interaction with waste does not stop after collection. We know there are acute risks involved with continuing operations of processing potentially contaminated waste and recycled materials amid the spread of COVID-19. Everyone everywhere is affected. Our appreciation goes to those facilities who remain in full or partial operations, and our hearts go out to those businesses who had to make the difficult decision of pausing business operations for the sake of their workers’ safety. We will continue to monitor how best safeguard our workforce and communities we work in. Any and all necessary safety measures will be implemented as they are required.

From Us

I hope we have gone some way to assuage any concerns you have about your investment and our response in whole. As this crisis is still unfolding, many details of how things will look are still unclear. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if there are any additional questions you have. Thanks again for choosing ROMCO. I hope you and your family are safe, and I extend all my best wishes during this difficult time.”

Raymond Onovwigun
CEO of Romco Group