Raymond Onovwigun LIVE at TXF Africa 2023: Export & Natural Resources Finance Conference

Raymond Onovwigun LIVE at TXF Africa 2023: Export & Natural Resources Finance Conference

October 25, 2023, CAPE TOWN:  TXF Africa 2023 concluded as a resounding success, providing a platform for ending the year on a high note and launching into 2024 with fresh connections and key business intelligence. This face-to-face conference offered diverse opportunities for all attendees, facilitating important networking opportunities – an aspect Romco was delighted to engage in fully.

Raymond Onovwigun, Romco CEO, participated in a lively panel discussion that analysed Africa’s crucial position in the mining industry, highlighting exciting prospects in energy transition metals and the quest for sustainable practices. Alongside Mpho Nkgodi, Vice President – Business Development, Minopex, the panel explored the delicate balance between ESG principles and the ongoing support for Africa’s mining sector.


Photo: Raymond Onovwigun alongside Alongside Mpho Nkgodi, Vice President – Business Development, Minopex, LIVE at TXF Africa 2023: Export & Natural Resources Finance Conference

The discussion was lively and informative, with some key themes arising. It was made clear that a range of resources will be absolutely key to the energy transition, and a focus needs to be made on recycling as a crucial tool to maximise the resource potential.

Raymond noted that recycling will be crucial to meet the rise in resource demand created by the energy transition on the continent. The principles underpinning this demand Raymond cited are:

1. Resource Conservation: It conserves materials like lithium, cobalt, and nickel, crucial for batteries, reducing the need for resource-intensive mining. Also true of the materials needs for the grid expansion, and electric vehicles; aluminium, copper.
2. Environmental Impact: By reducing mining and processing, it minimises environmental damage like deforestation and pollution.
3. Energy Efficiency: Recycling uses less energy than extracting and refining raw materials, making it more sustainable.
4. Lower Carbon Footprint: It significantly reduces the carbon footprint associated with battery production, crucial for clean energy solutions.
5. Circular Economy: Battery and other key resource (aluminium, copper) recycling aligns with the circular economy model, promoting sustainability.
6. Supply Chain Stability people don’t think about much: It diversifies the supply chain, ensuring a stable source of materials.

Another question debated was how much geography will play a part in the energy transition? Will emerging markets play a specific role? Will developing markets have a particular advantage?

Raymond commented, “The main thing is resource distribution and efficiency, which all three of geography, expertise, and innovation play a massive role in. We have a unique opportunity to embed sustainable principles into the actual design of the industrialisation and growth of the emerging markets of Africa. This is almost unprecedented as the technology is now available as the market is being created. Western economies were built almost purely on high-carbon innovation. But now we can see a marriage of innovation and sustainability in these geographies which will be exciting.”


Photo: Raymond Onovwigun LIVE at TXF Africa 2023: Export & Natural Resources Finance Conference

As TXF Africa 2023 drew to a close, Romco’s participation stood out as a testament to the company’s commitment to sustainable practices in the mining sector. This conference not only provided a platform for Romco to showcase its innovative approaches but also to strengthen its network in the industry. The insights gained and the connections made during this event are poised to play a crucial role in shaping Romco’s strategies and operations in the coming year.

Reflecting on the event, Raymond Onovwigun, CEO of Romco, emphasised the significance of the discussions and the potential impact on future industry practices. “The insights we’ve gathered here at TXF Africa 2023 are invaluable,” he noted. “They reinforce our belief in the power of sustainable mining and recycling in Africa’s burgeoning markets. As we step into 2024, Romco is more equipped than ever to lead the charge in environmentally responsible mining and recycling, setting new standards for the industry and contributing to a greener future.” With these forward-thinking strategies and a clear vision for the future, Romco is well-positioned to spearhead sustainable change in the mining industry.