India’s Metal Processing Market, 2023 forecast

India’s Metal Processing Market, 2023 forecast
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Business Wire’s latest report India’s Metal Processing Sector Report 2019/2023 has given way to a lot of conversation. 

This report provides India’s metal processing sector with a complete and detailed analysis. The researcher presents in-depth business intelligence across countries and regions in a standard format, providing a balanced mix of analyses and data.

India’s metal processing industry has solid growth foundations from the industrialized economy and abundant metallic mineral resources. Still, in terms of GVA, the sector accounts for less than 2% of the economy at current prices and claims a share in the manufacturing industry of about 10%. India, according to the latest official data for FY2018, is a net non-ferrous metals importing country with an annualized deficit of INR 1.8tn. This is largely due to the gold account’s negative foreign trade gap as India is the world’s second-largest gold market. Moreover, in terms of aluminium smelter production and refined lead production, the country ranked fourth.

Why India’s Metal Report good for our readers?

  • View M&A and major deals
  • Access to growth projections in the sector
  • Find out the position of India in the global sector
  • View key data on manufacturing and consumption in India
  • Gain insight into the regulatory environment for the Indian sector
  • Build a comprehensive perspective on trade, investment and jobs
  • Understand the competitive environment and who are the main players
  • Understand the key elements involved in the metal processing industry in India
  • Build a clear picture of the production, consumption and prices of specific sub-sectors (e.g. iron and steel, non-ferrous metals)

For Romco readers, this report gives you access and understanding to the Indian market and the possible effects on investments that you may have there and any knock-on effects on the Asian market in general. This information is key in helping you to form well-rounded decisions based on concrete information and market fluctuations.

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