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Ghana Building Progress

We’re down on the ground of our new facility in Ghana, Dawhenya, PramPram, where Romco CEO, Raymond Onovwigun, gives us a sneak peek of exciting things to come for Romco.

The new Ghana Metals site is planned to eventually become as big as our recycling facility in Nigeria, with two furnaces producing secondary aluminium, copper, & other non-ferrous metals down the track. The project is a testament to the boards diversification commitment of location, material source, and product.

Raymond said about the video below: “Thanks to all involved, Romco Nigeria’s little brother is now on his way! It’s amazing how quickly these things can come together (in contrast to the years of planning) after the first shovel hits the ground. The progress, even since filming this, is very exciting.”

We’ve launched the update along with our new youtube channel, to showcase more updates, advertisements, and in-depth interviews on what we’re up to at Romco. Check out the Ghana building progress here: