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Excitement for ‘The Romco Mission’ catches investors’ eye.

One of Romco’s strategic goals of 2019, to raise £3million for the commissioning of new smelters and additional recycling facilities, achieved a significant landmark over the weekend; Romco has announced their first public investment raise achieved an over-subscription totalling near 150% of the investment target.

This indicates a clear excitement in the market for Romco’s plan to clear landfill in developing markets and bolsters their mission to grow recycling output in a neglected region so as to reduce the reliance on mining of non-ferrous metals.

Romco commenced works on increasing production capacity and product diversity, and are expected to announce a phase-two raise in line with their strategic planning for accelerated growth in emerging markets.

Romco released a corporate bond on August 2019 with the aim to raise £3million, and secured over £4.9million by April 30 2020.