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Q2, 2020 Report Boasts 600% Revenue Increase For Growing Recycler

Romco talk about investing, reducing and growing as their strategic mantra; the Q2 2020 report released today proves just that.

Romco started 2020 with ambitious investments into new machinery and land, acquiring 5 new smelters for the processing of recycled aluminium and a new plot in Ghana for an additional non-ferrous recycling facility. Some of those of those investments are paying off already.

Despite operational stoppages for upgrades this quarter, the implementation towards the back end saw Romco commission some of the smelters and produce over 300% total from the same quarter the year before. This quarter has therein produced over 600% revenue increase and sets a bold marker for the increased output capacity Romco are now able to achieve.

The full report is viewable online here: Q2, 2020 Romco Report 


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