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All investments carry an element of risk, which may stem from their illiquidity, leverage, investment horizon and general risks associated with investments.

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The Company is not an authorised person under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”). Investments in the Company are not subject to, and investors are accordingly not entitled to any protection under, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (“FSCS”) or via the Financial Ombudsman Service (“FOS”); an investor has no statutory right under the FSCS or to refer to the FOS should an investor in the Company suffer loss. If you are in any doubt about an investment in the Company, you are recommended to seek your own financial advice from an appropriately authorised stockbroker, bank manager, solicitor, accountant or other independent financial adviser who, if you are taking advice in the United Kingdom (“UK”), is duly authorised under FSMA or, if you are not resident in the UK, from another appropriately authorised independent financial adviser in your own jurisdiction. Please note that an investment in the Company carries a high degree of risk and you may not recover all or any of your investment. The Company does not make unsolicited contact with investors in connection with any financial promotion or investment opportunity and any purported contact by the Company should be verified with the Company. The Company does not accept investment from, or applications to invest from, any retail (i.e. non professional) investor. As at 27/09/2021 the Company ceased issuing or offering bonds to investors.