We are firm believers in recycling our way to a sustainable future.

As a UK multinational, we work with the cohesive goal of creating a more sustainable planet, leveraging the trade industry of metal recycling by creating usable recycled metal ingots for manufacturers of broad range of necessities.

Established in 2015, with headquarters in the UK and expansions across continents including Africa, we are progressing into a global enterprise within the emerging market spheres. We do this by growing sustai able resources output through recycling, trading, and processing of nonferrous metals.

With the steady rise of profit and revenue with the completion of our phase 1, 2018 CapEx planning, we are now moving forward with our phase 2 strategic growth that includes operations expansion, metals diversification, strong governance, corporate stability, and transparency.


We have a global waste problem. There is too much pollution, landfill, and mining of finite virgin resources.

Our mission is to reduce global dependence on mining by way of recycling and smart waste management.

We want to recycle our way to a sustainable future.

We grow sustainability by collecting renewable waste from discarded landfill within burdened developing nations and refining it into usable metal ingots for the manufacturing of necessities like packaging, vehicles, medical equipment, construction supplies and more. We are currently trading in over fourteen countries across three continents.


We are determined to be a global leader in the processing and trading of secondary materials and we are resolute on increasing global supply of recycled materials to full global recyclable capacity — replacing the need for mining and the destruction of our planet.

We know eliminating the impact of destructive materials practices requires boldness, integrity, efficiency and a one-track sustainable mindset.

We are meeting the demand for massive energy and environmental conservation with ambitious investment in trade and production growth in emerging markets, while working with sustainable and environmentally-sound operational management and practices.


Romco Group has adopted the Quoted Companies Alliance (‘QCA’) Corporate Governance Guidelines as an enabler of the company’s long-term success and development. We exist in accordance with the guidelines as we grow to become a major distributor of non-ferrous metals across continents.

We aim to continue building on the company’s success without compromising our core values and principles of communal good.

Our core strategy is to leverage on the combination of our technical know-how and the expertise of our financial partners by utilising renewable waste into sustainable materials for global trade. In 2020, we aim to significantly improve our financial standing by increasing our buying powers and reducing the burden on our working capital.


Our values are not just words, they are everyday decision-making tools we actually use:


Corporate responsibility doesn’t start and end with managing a supply chain. It means investing boldly and fairly in the people involved in the process.

It’s about being excellent stewards of the individuals, communities, and the environments we operate in.

Our ethics demand we take responsibility for what’s in front of us, so our focus starts with individuals:

  • No matter the job, gender, age, sexual orientation or race, everyone in the Romco group has equal access to health, safety, personal development, fair pay, and growth opportunities.
  • We are committed to paying at least 15% over the national living wage in measurable sectors within emerging markets.
  • In nations or regions where healthcare is not publicly available or free, underfunded and/or insufficient, we have committed to the funding and provision of private healthcare insurance, or appropriate equivalent, for every employee in the Romco Group. Quality care for the health and safety of our staff is a top priority and the minimum we can do for those a part of our vision.
  • We recently launched the personnel growth initiative ‘The Pursuit Program’ for all staff, which funds studies at a local technical school for the advancement of technical job skills to help individuals reach their career potential — even if it’s not with us.
  • Romco are funding an internship program for local metallurgy students to apply their trade and learn a practical skills application in the renewable metals market. Guiding bright talent into sustainable metals production instead of raw materials mining is critical to the reduction of toxins, co2 emissions, harmful waste and irresponsible practice we want to see in our communities.
  • We are proactively anti-child labour, including inspections of our broader supply chain. Child labour is a serious problem, albeit sometimes a less obvious one from a UK viewpoint, so Romco have taken overt measures to ensure no individual is taken unfair advantage of in developing nations.
  • We are committed to paying at least 15% over the national living wage in measurable sectors within emerging markets.

We also take responsibility for broader communal impact. As we’re working in developing markets in need of amelioration, we’ve made the bold decision to invest tangibly in the small businesses we work alongside — helping to create thriving local businesses in the sustainable sphere. We have launched a local buying program for small businesses to access funds for growth and trade in the renewables sector. We have spent a combined £2million to date helping small businesses in our communities increase their agency and prosperity for future development and trade, helping see more successful, cleaner, and healthier communities around us.


Romco Group is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified and accredited. These accreditations provide assurance that waste management and recycling is effectively handled and managed within the company and organisation.



Advanced logistical capabilities for delivery and collection are helping us become a global leader in the processing and trading of secondary materials to manufacturers around the world, whilst offering competitive pricing across all continents.


At present, we solely purchase non-ferrous materials, but we plan on expanding other base metals such as copper, lead, zinc, and steel, all the while sustaining energy conservation with renewable materials only.

We buy materials from merchants to companies and councils, and our buying power allows us to offer competitive prices with favourable payment terms. All of our shipments and purchases are insured with AXA.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Delivery or collection options
  • Advanced logistical capabilities
  • Compliance advice
  • Full paper trail – if required
  • All Romco shipments and purchases are insured with AXA


We collect renewable waste, recycling and refining it into metal ingots. These are supplied to our partners via long-term contracts (redeemable on request) for transformation into food and beverage packaging, aerospace components, auto parts, batteries, copper pipes, structural components for infrastructure, among other uses. We have significantly increased our supply output to support high demands for 2020, so if you have any trade enquiries please contact us.


There is an environmental imperative in metal recycling: it helps us conserve natural resources while consuming less energy than using raw materials to produce new goods. We utilise a variety of processes to achieve this, but the three stages below are the basics.





The increase in demand for metals in various end-use industries such as construction, electronics, and automotive has driven demand for metal recycling. With the growth in infrastructural activities, increasing industrialisation, consumer demand for responsible corporate recycling quotas, and international declarations for the reductions of green-house emissions, the demand for low emissions recycled materials to replace primary resources is set to increase further.

We leverage the demand for massive energy conservation by investing further on modern recycling technologies. Due to recent investment, we now offer more favourable terms and metals diversity to suppliers, ensuring growth to our operations and performance.

The company has been trading for four years and has an existing proven business model that is in an expansion phase with additional sites and new material collections along with significant smelting upgrades. With the addition of new equipment and working capital, we expect a 600% increase in demand output for this financial year 2020/2021.





Neil is a globally experienced CIO, CTO, C-Suite leader and Board Member having worked in senior executive roles for Bankers Trust, Merrill Lynch, GMAC, ING group, Doha Bank in London, New York, Tokyo, Amsterdam and Doha.


Paul is an experienced Executive/Non Executive director having worked alongside successful entrepreneur including Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou (easyJet Founder) and Brent Hoberman (Lastminute .com Co-Founder).


Ivan Paoli co founder of Romco is a seasoned COO and has worked in three continents for the worlds biggest firms. From Shell, British Petroleum to Tullow and to Exon.


Raymond is the co founder of Romco and helped conceptualised the idea after realising the growth that was unfolding in emerging markets, in particular Africa.


Svein Nodland brings more than 30 years Board and Senior Management experience from different Continents to the Company. A seasoned and respected executive with international firms.


The critical role of the global reservoir of non-ferrous metals in use is becoming increasingly clear. Society’s awareness of the environmental, economic, and energy savings achieved from recycling materials is continuously growing. There is a rise in consumers’ demand for recycled non-ferrous metal-bearing products.

We buy and sell metal through our growing global network. We have established long term quality agreements with our partners across the globe, and we take pride in continually building and fostering new relationships.


Feedstock is sourced from local merchants and materials enter one of our processing facilities located in Nigeria or Ghana.


Materials are weighed and inspected, and the pre-agreed rate is given to the supplier and customer is paid.


  • SORTING - Different types of non-ferrous metals need to be separated from each other, as well as from other recyclables such as papers and plastics, in order to recycle appropriately.


The recovered materials are melted down in a furnace, poured into casters and shaped into ingots. This step requires the use of a significant amount of energy (extreme heat for melting).


Metals/ingots are manipulated or transformed into specific forms such as flat sheets and other wrought products, which can be easily used to manufacture new metal products.


Ingots are now shipped for sale, and are exported to manufacturers around the world.

  • SHEARING - Metals are cut into manageable sizes using hydraulic machinery capable of exerting enormous pressure.
  • BALE - Non-ferrous materials are compacted into large blocks to facilitate handling and transportation, usually shipped to domestic consumers.

Recycled metal is essential in residential, industrial and commercial uses. Material selection for mechanical or structural applications require some additional considerations. Depending on the end-use, metals can simply be cast into the finished part, into an intermediate form such as an ingot, and then worked (wrought) by rolling, forging, extruding or other processes of deformation.


Sustainability is why we got into the recycling business.

We see sustainable practices like recycling as the most important strategic tools for solving the biggest problem we face today: a polluted, warming, shrinking world with ever-decreasing limited resources.

We see sustainable recycling and the development of renewable resources as our opportunity to go green, help reduce pollution, and protect the ecosystem. We do this by focusing our efforts on reducing harmful landfills, carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, poor waste management, other harmful toxins, and ultimately to eliminate irresponsible virgin mining.

Through our recycling process alone, we save 72,000 kilotonnes of CO2 every year. For each tonne of recycled aluminium we produce, we save up to 12 mWh of power, 4 metric tonnes of carbon emissions, 8 metric tonnes of bauxite from the atmosphere, and 7.6 cubic meters of landfill, as compared to primary production from virgin materials mining.

Our collective work is to reduce global dependence on mining by way of recycling and smart waste management, all the way to a sustainable future.

Our overall bid is to make the planet more sustainable through recycling, with the vision of achieving full global recyclable capacity. We plan to achieve this by expanding and sustaining our successful growth across continents.


We are investors by nature. We invest in our future so we can reduce the harmful effects of raw materials mining and grow a profitable and completely renewable resources chain for a cleaner, greener, and more liveable planet.

You are invited to invest in the future with us too.

We are currently offering our second round of investment opportunities for sophisticated investors and high net-worth individuals who want to take advantage of our high-yield fixed rate returns.

Anyone can invest in Romco Metals, provided you seek advice from a suitably qualified independent financial advisor authorised under FSMA, and fall into one or more categories outlined by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), herein identified as:

  • Certified High Net-Worth Investors
  • Sophisticated Investors
  • Self-certified Sophisticated Investors
  • Existing Investors in Unregulated Collective Investment Schemes (UCIS)

If you would like to learn more about our offer, please click below fill out our a self-certification form and acknowledge that you understand the specific risks as they pertain to our offer.


Our strategy is best encapsulated through our mantra: Invest, reduce, & grow.

Our mission is to dominate the renewable metals market in emerging territories, and we do this by investing in equipment, plants, & people in structured but bold way to produce more recycled materials for the growing metals market; thereby reducing the demand for virgin mining, and growing a profitable sustainable business in the renewables sector.

We focus on the emerging market in developing nations because of the excess of feedstock and huge amounts of discarded waste as a result of irresponsible practices. We also take advantage of our natural strengths and ties in West Africa, alongside our UK-based governance and networks, to leverage a strong and profitable business model which is scalable, sustainable, and set for large structured industrial expansion.


The Romco world is large, but our focus is small and targeted. Investing in communities means investing in people – above average wages, technical skills training, healthcare, internships, and above all safe practices. We want everyone to see a better future.

As we grow, so will our communities — all in line with our ethical, responsible, and structured approach.

More detailed information about our community approach can be found in our ESG Report.


The metal recycling market continues to grow along with the industry’s increasing awareness of efficient utilisation of natural resources. The rapid industrialisation, growth in infrastructural activities, and urbanisation in developing countries enables the growth and demand for metal products.Our picture is no different.In 2018, revenue reached £2.0m, and exceeded £6.5m in 2019.2020 looks set for exponential growth with over £20 million in revenue. Our investment in new equipment, plants, people, and trade links is yielding strong growth that is allowing us to expand our production and diversification capabilities. (Graph to be inserted)


Romco Group primarily plays in the aluminium segment of non-ferrous metals, but recent expansions include base metals such as copper, lead, zinc, and steel, to increase profitability and protect the business model against shifting metals prices.Investing in diversification is also key to achieving the vision of recycling our way to a sustainable future.We ensure that the quality of Romco Metal’s materials is of the highest standards and meets the exact requirements set out by the company’s end-users, clients, partners, and bondholders.


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Companies, organisations, and individuals around the world have been advocating for environment-friendly waste disposal, whilst increasingly supporting calls for recycling as a part of keeping a green environment. Switching feedstock to sustainable material is becoming one of the cornerstones of modern green recycling, and it significantly affects the supply chain as well as the implementation and evaluation of different categories of recycling policies globally.

Romco supports this green initiative by growing resources for renewable energy and interacting with virgin material production. We also grow sustainable resources output by collecting renewable waste, recycling, and refining it into metal ingots.

Guided by the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) that could potentially save the planet, we work with investors, traders, and manufacturers across continents to collectively reduce global dependence on landfills by way of recycling and smart waste management all the way to a sustainable future.


Incorporated since 2016, Romco Metals have been working with communities involved with the same determination and passion to change their world for good. We have managed, and continue to do so, a reduction rate up to 97% less of harmful landfill, carbon emissions, and raw materials mining.

  • Through recycling process, we save 15 million tonnes of CO2 every year
  • Recycled materials supply 40% of the global raw material needs
  • One tonne of recycled aluminum saves up to 7.6 cubic meters of landfill

At Romco Metals, we make sure to aggregate demands, whilst improving recycling rates and sustaining, if not increasing investors’ revenue and profits. We reach these environmental targets by building a solid foundation of excellence in the aluminum segment of the non-ferrous market.


Romco, a UK multinational group, recycles, trades, and processes non-ferrous metals globally. Romco Metals exist to make a more sustainable future through reducing harmful landmills, carbon emissions, and reliance on mining.We are expanding! Join us and maintain a more sustainable environment by becoming an investor to our innovating company. Work with us as we reshape the renewable waste sector globally.For more information regarding our bonds and investment options, please contact invest@romcometals.com or visit https://romcometals.com. Sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest news and updates.


Romco Group has ambitious plans to grow our portfolio to include the recycling of zinc, copper, lead, and steel into renewables. We also have plans beyond metals. We seek to ease the burden on the oceans and divert renewable waste from landfills.

As we aim to become a global leader in the processing and trading of secondary materials to manufacturers across continents, we make sure to work with a sustainable and environmentally-sound operational management and practices.

Our strategy is underpinned by a guiding principle to invest in renewable resources, reduce wasteful and polluting practices, and grow together with our clients, partners, and investors.


Romco Group has been expanding its footprints across Africa since 2015, along with ambitious and progressive market penetration across other continents to further diversify the company’s growth.With our local knowledge of the emerging market sphere, added with the steady rise of profit and revenue from the Romco bond, our capital continues to spur long-term growths– our investors, clients, and partners can attest to that.We focus on investing in the future, and this allows us to add more value and capacity to Romco’s way of Investing, Reducing, & Growing.


Romco Group is focused on the environment. We look at sustainable recycling and development as our opportunity to go green, help reduce pollution, and protect the ecosystem. Therefore, we always look for ways to expand our current network, market, and resources for sustainable and environmentally preferable materials. At present, we take pride of our:

  • Access to 1.1 Billion Consumer Markets.
  • Growing recycling efficiency by offering 3 year secured 9.25% fixed income bond for retail investors to gain a foothold in the recycling sector.
  • 150 employees trading and expanding across and across 4 continents.
  • Sustainable production by using recycled metal instead of virgin raw materials, producing 97% less waste and using 40% less water

Romco leverages the demand for massive energy conservation whilst investing further on modern recycling technologies. Our market exposure across continents will further strengthen our foothold, and we plan on continuing to do so.


Romco Group’s growth heavily relies on strong governance, corporate stability, transparency, and structure. Our company firmly believes in recycling, so we take advantage of this market stronghold to further expand our consumer reach.We work with full transparency with our existing and potential clients, investors, and partners as we cease more global opportunities to expand our market and resources. You can join our expanding global network, too!For more information regarding our bonds and investment options, please contact invest@romcometals.com or visit https://romcometals.com. Sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest news and updates.


Romco Group combines efficient collection and sorting techniques along with low carbon emitting technologies to produce renewable waste feedstock.Take part in our business growth as we delve further on processing and trading non-ferrous metals globally! Our overall bid is to make the planet more sustainable through recycling, and we plan to continue expanding and sustaining our successful growth across all continents. Talk to us about metal recycling needs. We are here to guide you through the best options by providing the most environment-friendly solutions available.


The increase in customer demand, innovation, strategic agenda, and cost-competitiveness of global renewable energy continually drive recycling to its prime. At Romco, we see rapid growth as companies and governments are pushing to meet new mandates and regulations. As we work to reduce global dependence on landfills by recycling metals and smart waste management, we also make sure that we are compliant with all the regulatory requirements in the industry. Romco Group seeks to provide our clients and investors with up-to-date insights into the implications of market risks and regulatory change. Check our page regularly to see the updates, changes, and insights to our existing policies, processes, and regulations.


Check our media releases for more in-depth analysis and understanding on how we invest in the global renewable industry by capitalising on the trends of developing technology. Important information about our market announcements will also be regularly uploaded and updated here.

Romco Group believes that through transparency in our operations and constant updates regarding our efforts in green innovation, we can work and thrive with more clients and investors across continents for our business growth and expansion.

Check our updates regularly or subscribe to our newsletter for the latest news and insights from us!

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