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An Update From The Invest In Romco Team

Romco Metals launched a mini-bond investment opportunity in 2019, and along with our wonderfully dedicated staff, it has helped the organisation fulfil our mission — growing our capacity to reduce global dependence on landfills by way of recycling and smart waste management.

For those who have been a part of the journey, this is what we have been up to:

  • Three new furnaces from India have landed in Lagos and are being prepared to smelt more scrap metals. These will help significantly increase the smelter volume in our recycling plant.

  • Finished the extension on the factory in Lagos, including a new weigh-bridge — making it easier for the trucks to weigh the load on the way to the port — increasing efficiency.

  • We’ve acquired a new site in the area, just around the corner from our Lagos factory, to increase our aluminium storage capacity.

  • We’ve acquired an acre of land in Accra, Ghana, which has industrial development approval signed off. Work has commenced to create a new smelting facility for aluminium. This will increase our output up to 20% and help us meet the demand from ALCOA and Hydro, Norway, to fulfil their recycled aluminium quotas.

These are key developments for our growth, and all help increase efficiency and output. The demand for our product is increasing, and we are working hard to meet that demand. This is exciting news for any investor, client, partner, and keen environmentalist.

Did you know our aluminium recycling requires 95% less energy, and reduces up to 92% of carbon emissions compared to raw production?

We’d like to thank everyone for being on this journey with us. Every partner is integral to the expansion of our operation. There are many more exciting developments in the pipeline which will continue to show our commitment to growth; and in turn the reduction of reliance on high emissions and poor materials management practices in our sector.

If you would like to hear more about our investment opportunity please let us know!

From everyone at the Invest In Romco Team, Thank you!


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